Our Services

Educate consumers

Educates consumers on how traditional mortgage system offering works.

Evaluates the current mortgage and debt setup

Evaluates or assess the current mortgage and debt set-up of homeowner(s).

Empowers the homeowners

Empowers the homeowners or consumers to have an equitable control on how they want to payoff their mortgage and debts the smart way.

Personalized Smartgage Program

Provides homeowner(s) a blueprint of the Personalized Smartgage Program or strategy that fits them best.

Makes a comparative debt analysis

Makes a comparative debt analysis to show homeowner(s) their current status versus smart options they might have to alleviate or better their situation.

Connects homeowner(s)

Connects homeowner(s) to ethical and licensed brokers, realtors, financial advisors and real estate lawyers for consultancy as required.

Rent-to-Own (RTO)

Rent-to-own is an alternative route to homeownership for those who can’t obtain financing due to poor credit or because they don’t have enough money for a down payment (or both).


For investors, RTO is an almost zero-risk short term investment with a minimum of 15% per annum Return Of Investment (ROI).
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“I and my husband have really reasonable and disciplined spending habits to get ahead with our financial responsibilities of owning a house. We believe we are doing fairly well until Julian introduced us to Smartgage’s unique approach of paying off our mortgage and debts. As a result, we were amazed and extremely happy that we are able to buy a much needed new car, payoff our debts, saved on interest costs and shorten our mortgage payoff years WITHOUT paying more than what we were paying before. It’s absolutely astonishing! Thanks to the Smartgage team.”

Rosemarie J.
Toronto, ON


  • An intermediary firm that promotes debt consolidation and BEYOND.
  • An intermediary firm which leads consumers to financial product opportunities which guarantee that their money work harder for them to meet their financial goals risk-free.
  • An unconventional strategy that converts part of the interest costs (lender’s profits) into mortgage principal payments.

Our experience

Mortgage Analysis 90%
Financial Services 87%
Consumer Debt Analysis 90%
Customer Service 90%

do you want to gain equitable control on how you want to pay off your mortgage and debts?